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  • Stephen Baxley | OnPoint Public Safety

Lifetime Warranty Installs -what does it really mean?

In short, it's simple. If you receive a complete installation from #OnPoint, whichever products and accessories we install (*excluding graphics) like #Whelen, #SoundOffSignal, #FederalSignal, #Westin, #Havis, and more... will include a lifetime warranty on the install. No, this isn't a lifetime warranty on the product itself - that still falls back on the individual manufacturer and their warranty timeline and coverage. Our OnPoint install warranty covers install quality, wiring, timers, switches, diodes, fuse blocks and other components we specifically use to build your vehicle out with. If our quality of install fails - or the components used for install fail - it's covered for life. No limitations. No fine print. Just as long as we have documented that that product was installed by us on the vehicle matching VIN, it's covered!

Now, how do we handle warranty work? PRIORITY. We look at it with common sense. You've already spent money with us to produce a product or build. You're first until it's 100%. As soon we are notified and you bring it to us - we jump on the resolution immediately. We can also schedule, depending on the specific issue, a repair at your agency to get your unit in-service again.

You're our priority from start to finish. Finish is when your vehicle is fully operational in the expectations set during your initial build.

*graphics installations include a warranty, but it is not under the lifetime policy

Does your current #upfitter have confidence to offer this and stand behind a #lifetimewarranty? There is value in peace of mind, especially when spending someone else's money!

Check us out now and learn more at or shoot an email to us at



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